The Week After Surgery

Do I bounce back or what?

Happy TripawdLess than a week later, it’s back to the routine, hanging out in the office and sleeping all day. Here I am during my lunch break, playing in the yard a little. Just a little though. The doc says that I’m only supposed to go for short walks, but I want to play soooo bad! So Jim breaks the rules, and Rene gets on his case about it. Oh well, one more week until I get my stitches out!

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I will always miss Jerry. Readers may notice I write in the plural "We" since he is always at my side in Spirit when moderating these blogs and forums. Learn more about Jerry and how Tripawds came to be at

One thought on “The Week After Surgery”

  1. You sure were lookin’ good in your picture here, Jerry! I know your pawrents were so happy to see you doing so well, just one week after surgery. Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)

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