Swim Your Tripawd to Better Health

One of our Tripawd members, Chuy, does swim therapy sessions to help him recover from a major surgery on one of his good legs.

Many dogs are feeling better thanks to swim therapy. We thought we would ask one expert in New York about how post-surgery Tripawds can benefit from swim therapy.

Introducing, K9 C.A.R.E.,Inc.

Based in Spencerport, New York, K9 C.A.R.E.’s owner Jill says “Swimming is awesome at any time in a dogs life but, it is especially helpful in the all important time just after surgery. Not only for the body, but for the mind. A dog’s mental health is also important to assist in their speedy recovery.”

“Swimming makes them whole. They can move in the water like they cannot on land. With swimming being non weight bearing, it helps condition muscles without any impact. Some paralyzed dogs can actually move their limbs when they get in the water!

We asked Jill if she had suggestions for Tripawds who have never done swim therapy before.

“My advice is find a pool and get in!”

But, she adds, that the pool should be a proper doggie pool. “Water temperature is so important, and this applies to any injury or recuperative situation. For effective therapy, optimum water temp. is between 92 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. There is almost no risk of further muscle injury with warm water, unlike cold water.

Jill says that pawrents can actually do more damage swimming a recuperating dog in a lake or backyard pool, unless it’s at the right temperature. Once a Tripawd is fully recovered from surgery and rehabilitated, then cold water swimming should be fine.

A World Class Facility

“Everything we have done we did with the dogs in mind. We have a salt water generator that purifies the water using salt. There are no added chemicals, no bromine, no chlorine.

We have non-slip, heated porcelain floors because the warmth is wonderful for joints. Unlike a concrete floor, if dogs lay down on it to rest, their bodies are not drained of heat. Also, porcelain is non porous and will not transfer any disease (unlike ceramic floors). These are just a couple of the lengths we went to, to ensure all was as it should be.”

K9 C.A.R.E.’s 60 minute sessions are just $25.00 each (many other swim therapy facilities run upwards of $85 an hour). A first visit is $35.00, and includes a 90 minute orientation, to ensure the dog is relaxed and comfortable with the facility and instructors.

Jill says they believe in keeping their cost affordable because “we want to ensure that all dogs are able to benefit, especially those whose pawrents have just spent thousands on surgery. Financial difficulty should not inhibit the dogs ability to enjoy a speedy recovery.”

Pawrents can call K9 C.A.R.E. at (585) 352-SWIM, or visit their Flick’r site. K9 Care is located in Spencerport New York, just outside of Rochester.

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  1. NIce article. I sure wish pools for canines were more common, even for dogs who have “only” undergone amputation without additional limb surgeries. With winter approaching, Tazzie is going to lose all opportunities to swim until next April. There is no therapy pool nearby. I’m wondering if some place might have a pool and not mind a dog using it, but I can’t imagine who that might be. Just mentioning it in case anyone else has a bright idea (not a lot of homes with indoor pools here).

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