Tripawds on the Road this Week

Hey everypawdy, just wanted to let you know that Tripawds is on the road this week, flying to warmer climates for the winter. If you don’t hear from us a whole lot, it’s because we’re rollin’ down the highway, looking for a new place to camp. We should be settled by Wednesday 10/28 or Thursday at the latest, and ready to jump back into action.

Meanwhile, a big thanks to our Forum Moderators and everyone here for taking such great care of eachother in the Discussion Forums while we are away. You are such an awesome, supportive family!

One Year Anniversary Tribute Video for Jerry

Jerry waits patiently while his people check out Signal MountainLooking back at our nearly two years on the road together, I recall my people often listening to their favorite KHSU program online. Once in a while they would call Mad Dr. Matt, the host of Alternative Therapy, with updates about our location or my condition.

Now, one year after my passing, Jim has had a little fun with iMovie to create this tribute video featuring yours truly, the voice of Matty Dread and inspawrational music from Kelly’s Lot

NOTE: No crying allowed! Unless they are tears of joy for all the fond memories we shared together as a pack.

Special thanks to the Mad Doctor for his special Jerry tribute show (#379 – 10/11/08) and frequent shout-outs! And many more to Frankie and his Rockin’ people for use of this acoustic version of Today from their Kelly’s Lot album Trio.

I believe the song says it all, and Barney helps us show at the end of the video … that it is all about the present.

Summertime Sale on Ruff Wear Life Vests

K9 Float Coat Dog Life PreserverPeople are amazed when they see how well three legged dogs can swim. Getting in the water again is what we love to do, but sometimes we could use a little help when we get tired.

That’s where the Ruff Wear K9 Float Coat comes in handy. Tripawd dogs can swim farther and longer with this awesome life vest. And the strong handle can help you help your pup.

Please visit the Tripawds Gear Shop!

My pawrents wrote about this great life preserver for dogs last year. But Ruff Wear recently announced a close-out sale on remaining inventory for the Float Coat. So we are hoppy to re-publish this post in its entirety, complete with demonstration video and new Big Savings While Supplies Last!

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Back in Luckenbach again

Hitched to a post outside the Luckenbach barFor those who don’t know, my people still continue their fulltime RVing adventures after saying goodbye to me seven months ago. And while it’s difficult for them to go back to places where we traveled together, they have learned the best way to let go. And that is by never letting go.

By keeping me in their hearts and knowing that my spirit shall always travel with them, they find comfort in my absence. Every once in a while I just have to remind them I’m still around, if only in spirit. Take their recent stay in Luckenbach, Texas for instance.

Spirit Jerry shows up at LuckenbachWe spent a couple nights enjoying the Luckenbach scene last year – lots of grass, good people, and a sign on the door that reads “Dogs On Leases Only” – my kinda place.

Missing me on their recent visit back, they stumbled upon my name lost in the sea of license plates that makes up the outhouse walls. Just another reminder from me for them to live in the now, with no regrets, and enjoy life as it is.

After a storm flooded the field where they had parked the trailer, they found themselves stuck in Luckenbach a bit longer than expected. But instead of getting upset, the license plate reminded them of my mantra – Every day is a great day, enjoy each one to the fullest no matter what life throws your way.

Jerry by the Fire in Luckenbach, TX

I could think of worse places than Luck to be stuck. If you’ve lost a furry friend to cancer, consdier checking out our coping with loss discussion forum. Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it – you’re not alone.

Check local listings for Nature reruns!

Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs premiered nationwide on all PBS stations February 15th. But it continues to run, so check your local PBS listings.

Or, you can watch the entire episode online at (See parts 2 & 5 for Jerry’s story.) Here’s a preview …

If you’re new here and asking, “So what?” … this was a big deal for us here at because this episode of Nature features me and my pack on the road sharing that incredible bond which only true animal lovers can understand.

Check it out and tell a friend! There’s also only one week left to submit your pet photos for Nature’s Why I Love Cats and Dogs Photo Contest so act now.

Thank you Nature!

We can’t thank PBS and WNET enough for sharing Jerry’s story on Nature’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs yesterday. If you missed it, no worries. You can still watch the full episode online! Or, you can just skip to parts 2 & 5 for our segments! 😉

Why We Love Cats and Dogs PBS Producer Ellen Kissing Jerry

We must give a special shout-out to producer Ellen Goosenberg Kent and her crew. Since they first followed us around Santa Fe last March, we’ve wondered what would come of the hours of footage they shot.

Well, Ellen did a simply amazing job telling Jerry’s story! We have now seen it about a dozen times and still cry every time.

And the feedback has simply been overwhelming. Just check out some of the heartfelt comments people are leaving on our posts about Jerry’s last days.

We are just astounded to think that our story has touched so many people, in such profound ways. If the response here and on the Nature website is any indication, Ellen is sure to be nominated for another Emmy!

Jerry stars in Why We Love Cats and Dogs

And if traffic is any indication of our future success with this website, Jerry’s legacy is bound to live on here forever.

We typically averaged about 900 unique visits a day. Yesterday alone we had more than 6,000 visitors!

Thank you Ellen. Thank you Nature. Thank you PBS.

And special thanks to all the viewers out there who dropped by to discover Jerry’s full story and share their own puppy-love stories with us. Thanks to all of you, we continue to spread the word that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.

Jerry’s Big Debut Tonite: Watch “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” on PBS

Just a quick reminder: Jerry’s big debut will be on PBS tonight, 2/15 in the NATURE series episode called “Why We Love Cats and Dogs.”

Be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. (check your local listings to be sure). You’ll also hear from many other pet owners and various animal behavior experts like the awesome Sarah Wilson.

You can comment on the video at YouTube. Read more about Jerry’s stardom here, and don’t forget to submit your favorite pet photo for the PBS Why I Love Cats and Dog photo contest!

We will be in the Tripawds chat room live before and after the show airs in all time zones. Please stop in to say “Hi!”

The show’s been getting great write ups, including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, the Times Standard, the San Francisco Examiner, and the Tribune News Media Service among others.

Listen to our KVEC radio interview!

When we recently met Joel – whose dog Moose inspired us to proceed with Jerry’s amputation – he mentioned a southern California talk radio host who might be interested in our story.

Scene from Why We Love Cats and Dogs

So just the other day, KVEC’s Dave Congalton had us on his program for a phone interview about the upcoming Nature – Why We Love Cats and Dogs to air February 15, on PBS (check local listings for time and channel).

Dave had some great questions and we wanted to thank him for sharing our story. But rather than us telling you about it, you can download the KVEC podcast here and listen for yourself!

Sneak Peak at PBS Nature Program

In a wrap-up of the recent PBS press tour, the PBS Engage blog presents a summary of PBS shows to watch in 2009. Included is this preview of Nature’s Why We love Cats and Dogs

For Jerry’s whole story, be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, February 15! You’ll also hear from many other pet owners and various animal behavior experts. Check your local listings for exact time and station.

Please mark your calendars, and tell your friends! You can comment on the video at YouTube or below. Read more about Jerry’s stardom here, and don’t forget to submit your favorite pet photo for the PBS Why I Love Cats and Dog photo contest!

Why I Love Cats and Dogs Photo Contest

Get ready for the premiere of Nature’s Why We love Cats and Dogs by entering the PBS Photo Contest for the program!

Scene from Why We Love Cats and Dogs
Scene from Nature's Why We Love Cats and Dogs, featuring Jerry!

Visit the PBS website for complete details about how to enter your cat and dog photos. Send in your best photo of your favorite four-paws – or three! – to NATURE’s Why I Love Cats and Dogs Photo Contest, then tune-in with your pets for Why We Love Cats and Dogs, Sunday February 15 at 8pm (check local listings).

The five winning photos will receive a DVD of Why We Love Cats and Dogs. The five winning photos and ten runners-up will be featured in a Contest Winners gallery on the PBS NATURE Web site.

Read the contest rules and find out more now. Contest entry is limited to three photos per person, and only photos of cats or dogs will be accepted. We would sure love to see at least one three legged winner! So, enter today and be sure to tune in to your local PBS station on February 15th!