Playing around with WPMU 2.9.1

Just testing some of the new features after upgrading to WordPress MU v. 2.9.1 …

Apparently video embedding is now native with only the video URL necessary:

So I guess that means the Viper’s Video Tags plugin we offer Tripawds Supporters just provides embedding from more video sharing sites (and raw Flash files) while enabling enhanced video features, assuming it still works:

There is also a new image editing feature in the Media Library:

But it doesn’t seem to play nice in Safari. Using Firefox I was able to crop, resize and rotate images with ease. Stay tuned for a detailed update in the Tripawds Behind the Scenes blog!

Another new feature is the new Trash function in Blog dashboards that allows removal of posts and comments without immediate deletion, allowing. The back end is also a bit quicker.

Embedding Flash Videos

just testing the embedding of raw Flash videos from sites like PhotoBucket here …

Notes to self … stay tuned for detailed instructions coming soon in the Tripawds Tech Support forum!

HTML Code from PhotoBucket Video:

<embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="">

For Tripawds Supporters:

  1. Activate Viper’s Video Quicktags Plugin
  2. Enable Flash Video (FLV) Button on VVQ Settings page.
  3. Copy Flash file URL for video from within embed code (shown in red above)
  4. Insert cursor in new post editor where you want video to appear
  5. Click Flash Video button
  6. Paste file URL for Flash video
  7. Click Okay

WordPress Gallery Example

This tech support topic about uploading photos in Tripawds Blogs led me to test the WordPress Gallery function here…

I created this thumbnail gallery using the WordPress Gallery function by uploading images from within the Post Editor, using the Add Media tab. The Gallery tab will appear within the media window after clicking “Save All Changes” (Not insert into post.)

By uploading images directly to the Media Library from the Media -> Add New tab, images do not become associated with any specific post or gallery.

And for the record, images uploaded within a specific post (i.e.; to a specific gallery) are available in the Media Library, for embedding in other posts. But the gallery itself will remain associated only to the post from which they were uploaded.

We’re still investigating various Gallery solutions for Tripawds Blogs, like the one jakesmom helped us test. But none have quite yet met all our needs, so stay tuned!

Playing around with themes.

Just been messing around here with a few of the more than 100 design themes available to all Tripawds Bloggers. Many themes allow custom header upload, and other customization options. Tripawds Bloggers can change their blog theme at anytime by visiting their Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes menu.

An update of the complete theme pack we offer is in the works, and we’re thinking of adding even more robust CMS themes for Tripawds Supporters, so stay tuned for announcements. What’s a CMS you ask? Only a theme that provides a Content Management System with comprehensive configuration options.

Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback about themes in the Tripawds Technical Support Forum.