WordPress Gallery Example

This tech support topic about uploading photos in Tripawds Blogs led me to test the WordPress Gallery function here…

I created this thumbnail gallery using the WordPress Gallery function by uploading images from within the Post Editor, using the Add Media tab. The Gallery tab will appear within the media window after clicking “Save All Changes” (Not insert into post.)

By uploading images directly to the Media Library from the Media -> Add New tab, images do not become associated with any specific post or gallery.

And for the record, images uploaded within a specific post (i.e.; to a specific gallery) are available in the Media Library, for embedding in other posts. But the gallery itself will remain associated only to the post from which they were uploaded.

We’re still investigating various Gallery solutions for Tripawds Blogs, like the one jakesmom helped us test. But none have quite yet met all our needs, so stay tuned!