Welcome to Tripawds 3.0

This is a test. This is only a test.

The Tripawds Blogs community is now undergoing it’s third major makeover since it launched as a standalone WordPress blog in 2006. This time, we are going to great lengths to make the site more mobile friendly and easily navigable on any device.

All featured blogs and member sites will be accessible during our transition of the live site.


Warning: Hard Hat Area!

These Tripawds Testing Grounds are always under construction, and most links may redirect to the live site. Click “Back” to find your way back here, if you feel led astray. Comments are welcome, but do not expect replies. We will set up a new forum topic here for feedback from those invited to help test the new site before we go live.

Notes to Self:

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I will always miss Jerry. Readers may notice I write in the plural "We" since he is always at my side in Spirit when moderating these blogs and forums. Learn more about Jerry and how Tripawds came to be at http://tripawds.com/2010/05/11/jerrys-story-how-tripawds-came-to-be/

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