Codie Rae: An Awesome Shepherd that Never Stops!

Three Legged German Shepherd Rescue Dog Codie Rae RunningWe are huge fans of Codie Rae, a spunky girldog from Oakland, California. Ok, not just because we’re a little partial to Shepherds, but also because her story of survival and finding a forever home just brought tears to our eyes when we first heard about her.

Lucky us, we finally got to meet her in Oakland. We tried to get her to slow down and say a few things on camera, but she wouldn’t have it. After all, there were just too many scents to sniff and so much space that needed to be checked out at the dog park!

Codie Rae, brother Smokey, Momma Martha and Daddy Ralph, you guys are awesome!

Saying Goodbye: How We Knew (part 2)

Our Three Legged Bone Cancer Hero Dog JerryMy Soul Is Set Free

(Continued from Part 1.)

The next day we headed north to Yellowstone. It was just like the old days, traveling and hanging my head out the truck window.

I even made it up to the Continental Divide, for about the eighth time in our journey. Only this time, walking a few yards to the sign was all I had in me.

We took lots of pictures. As we got to Yellowstone, I was feeling OK, but very subdued from the bad episode the day before.

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Notice anything different lately?

Bored Jerry Destroys Gift from LallaJim just spent a whole lot of time in front of his computer, when I wish he would have been playing with me!

But we heard from some people about how this site had certain layout issues. Issues, never problems, as I like to say!

So I sat by while Jim worked away, knowing that it was for the good tripawd lovers everywhere.

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My New “Routine”

Silver Lake KidsUsed to be that my daily walks were the same ol’ same ol’. We’d walk up past the beauty college, where I’d try to sniff the latest muck on the street. Then I’d hop a little more, say hi to my neighborhood pals, turn around the corner and come back. Same thing every day.

But not anymore. Now there’s so many new things, every day! From kids, to bear scat to rivers and lakes, my tail can’t even keep up with the trail of crazy scents and activities on my walks.

Yesterday I met some fun kids near my camp spot who wore me out before I could even go on a walk. Today, I went for a hike on the river that goes to Silver Lake, in the El Dorado National Forest near South Tahoe. I ate pine cones and swam in the shallow spots. Now this is different!

I’m A Star!

Too Cool Jerry Three-legged Superstar DogBefore we left town on our Full-Time RV Adventure, my people took me to see their friend Sam at 4 Paws & Wet Noses in old town Eureka as they made the rounds saying goodbye to folks and running last minute errands.

Purely by coincidence, we discovered that the Miles Of Smiles pet photographer was set up there taking pictures of pups. My people couldn’t resist, but also didn’t believe she could actually get me to stay still with sunglasses on my head. Normally I wouldn’t, but I figured it would make them happy.

Whatch’ya think? Do I look like a rock star or what? Check out my Gallery Page for more photos and watch my three-legged dog videos.

Check out my new Website!

Dawg TiredWoof… I’m tired. All this programming makes me sleepy. 😉 Finally… A real blog! My people have been busy updating this site to make it easier to post so you’ll be hearing a lot more from me now.

This is the last week in our house and they are excited to wrap up training and finalize the sale of their graphics business. Me? I’m just excited that I won’t have to go up and down all the stairs here every day.

I keep hearing about this road trip we’re taking and can’t wait for all the upcoming adventures. Thank Dog our new trailer only has three steps! Be sure to check out our Full-Time RV’er blog to see what we’re up to…