So much going on around here.

The Tripawds community has grown so much – in numbers and features – that sometimes important announcements and discussions tend to get missed. Recently the Tripawds Forums have been very busy, unfortunately, with talk of many heroic pups who have passed.

There are also lots of new Tripawds Blogs telling tales of many amazing three legged adventures.

Here are just a few recent items of interest from all over the Tripawds web site that members may find interesting…

Behind the Scenes Blog

We have a blog ring now.
Every Tripawds Blog is now linked together in a true Blogger style Ring of Blogs!

Supporters Demystified
All about Supporter Blogs and Premium Plugins.

New Easy Method for Embedding Videos
Instructions for putting movies in blog posts.
How to embed movies in forum posts.

Active Tripawds Blogs

Jake’s Life in Pictures
Beautiful Example of upcoming Flash Photo Gallery premium plugin. Stay tuned for details.

Travis Ray aka GSRNC’s Caruso
Codie Rae’s pack mate needs a furever home!

Raven is doing really well!
See his new movie in the forums.

Maggie meets new friends
Tri-pug Maggie meets Cemil

Support Tripawds while Shopping
Help keep RenΓ© busy! πŸ˜‰

Random Tripawds Blogs
Browse random Tripawds Blogs.

Tripawds Discussion Forums

Tika has left us
May our hero rest in peace. πŸ™

Winter Apparel
Discussion of warmth for amputee dogs

Tags Enabled on All Forums
Assign tags ro topics for easy cross-reference.

What Can Forum Moderators Do?
Member and Moderator capabilities compared.

Welcome New Tripawds Bloggers!
Subscribe to topic for new blog announcements.

The Tripawd Dictionary
The three-legged lexicon is growing.

Codie Rae Supports Tripawds!

We should have known Codie Rae would not stand for Biff and Gab upgrading Our Tripawd Family to be the first Tripawds Supporter blog. But after all her people have done for us here, we were stunned – and pleasantly surprised – to see Codie’s Tripawds Rule! is now an official Tripawds Supporter blog.

You see, Martha and Ralph were not only responsible for introducing Wyatt Ray Dawg to my people. They have been generous enough to contribute to Tripawds in the past, and they are planning the upcoming Northern California Tripawds Party.

So please drop by their blog to read all about the Life & Times of Codie Rae, Tripawd Girldog Extraordinaire, and leave them a gracious thank you comment for us.

You might notice how the Tripawds Rule! blog no longer has any banner ads. For details about this and other Tripawds Supporter blog enhancements, please read our Tripawds Supporter information.

Special Thanks to Biff and Gab!

Many, many thanks to new Tripawds member biffngab who just upgraded Our Tripawd Family to become the first official Tripawds Supporter blog!

The Our Tripawd Family blog shares the ongoing tails of not only one, but two tripawds – Biff and Gabby! It will now appear in the Random Supporters widget found at top left throughout the Tripawds web site.

Tripawds Supporters receive a full gigabyte of upload space for posting lots of photos too. They also get access to the WordPress plugins menu which provides enhanced features for their blogs.

And, if that’s not enough, upgrading to Supporter status will automatically remove the ads displayed on your Tripawds Blog.

Finally, Tripawds Supporters have a special widget in the Appearance menu which lets them show their Tripawd Pride with this Supporter Badge in the sidebar of their blog. All of this – and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting – is yours for just $25 per year! We’ll be writing in more detail about supporters, widgets, plugins and more soon, so stay tuned. In the mean time, review our Tripawds Supporter details details or ask questions in the Tripawd Discussion Forums.

If you are one of our Tripawds Bloggers, consider upgrading to be a Supporter and we’ll thank you here in the Tripawds News blog too! And if you’re not yet blogging about your tripawd, sign up today! (Existing members be sure to log in first for automatic recognition.)